Bruno Guerra - Rails Developer.

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about I'm

Rails developer, and work on IT 12 years, 2001 started on VB, ASP, PHP, Delphi, C, C++, Java, FoxPro, C#, J2EE, Assembler, JavaMe, Java Android, objective C IOS, Rails on 2012.

about me

I want to help the world, my country Brasil, and my Family and Friends with bits, bytes, gigas, files, programs, services and love, pure and sweet love.

I'm starting on social code and touch some goals and defining a plan. But big plane is above this line.


  1. Internet Service to reduce Brazilian corruption
  2. Be better on Rails, xui and SAAS
  3. Starting on deploy me a great Mobile developer
  4. Get money and share with my sides on happy things
  5. make love on Swiss alps with my further wife (actually girlfriend)

updating... but so fast